Ade Dreamers

We believe it takes a village to raise a child but just one person to make a difference. In order for children to pursue their dreams, they need a strong foundation rooted in knowledge. It is our goal to make education accessible to all children.

In addition to our give back program. We also provide mentorship to students in the following areas::

  • Resume/CV Creation 
  • College & University Applications
  • Career Development
  • Youth Development Training's
  • STEM Programs & Activities
  • Volunteering 


Scholarship Recipients

We have partnered with Ndow's (pronounced En Dows) Comprehensive Middle and High School to help deserving students with tuition, books and uniforms.


Omou Bah

Meet Omou Bah, a shy yet energetic young lady. Omou is in her final year of school at Ndows and is preparing for the West African Senior Certificate Exam in May 2016.

Her goal after graduation is to pursue an accounting degree and work for a professional accounting firm. 

Her story is one that really caught our attention. As Omou was entering her final year of school, unforeseen events forced her to leave her childhood home and move in with relatives. Being in a setting where the odds seem like they are stacked against you can make excelling in school difficult. However, through strength and determination Omou found a way to persevere.

In her spare time Omou loves to cook her favorite Gambian dishes for friends and family and aspires to have her own restaurant someday. Ade Dream is proud to be able to offer Omou a full scholarship. This scholarship will allow her to continue her exemplary performance at Ndow’s. We cannot wait to see what impact this young lady will have on the world.

 Sophia Jarjue

Sophia Jarju is the eldest of six siblings living in Manjai Kunda, a small neighborhood outside the capital Banjul. Being the oldest, she  helps out her family, especially her mother who is her family’s sole provider. Before going to school each morning, Sophia helps to get her siblings ready for school and prepares breakfast for the family.

Sophia has a passion like no other!  We were impressed with her from the first moment we met her and she wants to do so much in this world that she can barely contain her excitement and passion when speaking of her future. Upon graduating from Ndow's this year, She plans to study international relations and hopes to work for the United Nations someday. Sophia has a love for sewing and sews most of her  own clothing in her free time after school. We are excited to be supporting her as she completes her high school career and thrilled about her future.


Marie Madeline Gomez

Marie Madeline Gomez has dreamed of becoming a medical doctor since she was a little girl growing up in The Gambia. This passion hits close to home as her mother is a teacher at Ndow's primary school and her father a long time police officer both servants within their community. Marie is one of four children and she and her siblings strive each day to emulate their parents work ethic.

Marie has a love for music and is a part of a gospel music group called 'Voice of Visitation'. The group recently launched its first gospel album. She also enjoys reading and playing volleyball with her friends.

Marie told us the ade dream scholarship will ease some of the burden from her parents shoulders, as providing for all the children in the family has been a challenge. 


 Fatima Fuloshi

Fatima Fuloshi comes from an extended family with six sisters and a brother and currently lives with her mother who supports their family. Unfortunately due to illness, her father left and went back home to his native country of Zambia leaving a financial burden on the entire family.

Fatima loves numbers and is currently an accounting and economics major at Ndow's high school. She aspires to be either the manager or CEO of a bank someday. In her spare time, Fatima loves to play soccer and basketball. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and is an avid novel junkie.

Fatima is determined to excel in order to support her family. Upon graduating, she plans to pursue a career in finance and become the CEO of a bank someday.  When Fatima found out she was chosen for the ade dream scholarship, she was extremely grateful. She plans to use the scholarship to cover her tuition and additonal educational expenses.